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Website Hosting

EA Design offers a complete line of website hosting packages to suit your needs.  Even our simplest package offers all you need to create a professional web presence branded with your business name. All packages come with email and generous storage - and our hosting scales to meet your needs.

We also offer three professional hosting packages scaled to suit the needs of your business:

Enterprise grade web hosting service offers greater reliability and high-speed hosting architecture. Our redundant raid and fast servers provide the reliability and scalability that your website needs.

What's Included?
cPanel Control Panel

Softaculous Script Installer

RVSiteBuilder Website Builder

24x7 Live Support

24x7 Live System Administration

Canadian IP Addresses

General Features   Regular   Unlimited
Disk Space (Raid)   Unlimited   Unlimited
Data Transfer / Bandwidth   Unlimited   Unlimited
Hosted Domains   1   Unlimited
Uptime Guarantee    99.9%    99.9%
Linux OS   Centos   Centos
24 / 7 Live Support    
Raid Protected Storage    
 Dedicated / Static IP Address    $3/month  
Free Setup    
Domain Registration    
Monthly Price   $10.95 /mo or $199/year   $15.95 /mo or $179.00/year


Search Engine Submission

Many website promotion companies promise the world...we deliver!

Great website design is the first step of an effective web strategy. Equally important is the next step; search engine optimization. It doesn't matter how nice your site looks, if no one ever finds it. That is why EA Design places so much emphasis on our website promotion services.

Our Custom Website Promotion Package will ensure the greatest chance of your achieving optimum placement in the top search engines. While we will not promise that your site will be listed in the top 5 hits for every engine and every keyword search, we will promise you that our methods of promotion and page preparation will ensure the highest possible placement in a number of search engines under various keyword searches without utilizing the unethical methods employed by many other sites, all of which can get your site penalized in the major search engines.

EA Design does not utilize Spamming techniques to promote your website. We don't have to. We have done our homework. We know which website promotion methods work, which don't, and which will get your website banished from the search engines permanently.

Even if we are not hosting your website, we can perform this service for you.

If you are willing to spend what may amount to hundreds of hours researching and learning all there is to know about search engine optimization and then spend even more time learning about the different methods each search engine uses to rank sites you might be able to achieve half decent results yourself.  If you go further and spend days analyzing the information and then hours applying that knowledge to your site AND then spend 50 - 70 hours actually submitting your website to the 500 - 700 engines and directories worldwide you may even achieve good results.  After that you will need to spend more time checking your rankings in each engine.

Why would you want to spend all those valuable hours without knowing what you're doing when you can hire EA Design.  We know what we're doing and we'll do it right...the first time.

EA Design Custom Website Promotion Includes

We provide custom page preparation (including optimizing all HTML tags, page hypertext, links, page layout, and title for high search rankings) for your Website's main page and up to 4 sub pages.

We then submit your Website's main page to search engines, directories and listings worldwide including the top 10 search engines.

NOTE: we will only submit the main page to over 400 sites because many of these search engines will only list ONE page from any given site URL and may actually delete the main entry should any attempt to submit more pages from that site be made.

Submitting to the search engines is a necessary yet sometimes tricky business. We know the tricks and requirements of the search engines and we'll get your site listed. We submit manually to all the major engines and resubmit according to the individual search engines' guidelines. We also research appropriate directories, malls, associations and resource pages to list your particular site.



Initial page optimization and keyword consultation: $249.00

One year's submission to all search engines: $249.00

Contact Us today to find out how we can design your site, provide timely updates and get your site to the top of the search engines at a reasonable price.

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